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Leaflet labels combine a standard folded leaflet or booklet with a printed self-adhesive label.

Healthcare leaflet labels

Leaflet labels offer a range of advantages for brand owners and manufacturers.

The main benefits of leaflet labels:

•On-pack promotional messages. •Detachable coupons.
•Data collection.
•Warranty information.
•New product launches.
•Inserts & free product samples.
•Multi-lingual information.
•Product information.
•Cross-promotional messages. •Emergency label changes.
•Reduce packaging.

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Welcome to the website of Fix-a-Form International Ltd

Leaflet labels provide the ideal on-pack solution for manufacturers looking to add extra user-information to a product or container. Adaptable to suit virtually any product or container, leaflet labels are used on a wide variety of products including those for the pharmaceutical, informational, consumer and FMCG industries.

Printed in the conventional manner, leaflet labels provide the advantage of 2-100+ pages of extra space whilst occupying only the space of your standard self-adhesive label.

Increase space, where space is often at a premium

Whether you need to put patient information (P.I) onto a small clinical trial product such as a vial or syringe or a large amount of text, graphs and pictograms onto an agrochemical product, leaflet labels can provide the solution.

Leaflet labels are commonly used when a brand-owner or manufacturer needs to add extra user-instruction onto a product or container. Increasing legislative and consumer demand poses a constant packaging challenge. Where can all of this extra information be included without compromising the content or adding lots of additional cost?

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